Sensorbox Shield2Go Dual Adapter - Chipglobe Comfort Line

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Content of the Sensorbox:

- Dual-Adapter Trust X - Adapter for Infineon Shield2Go in Wemos formfactor equipped with OPTIGA™ Trust X


- ESP32 - Wemos formfactor including BLE and WIFI functionality

- 3D Case - 3D Printout Case to cover ESP32 and Dual-Adapter

- USB Cable

- DSP310 - Barometric Pressure Sensor for consumer

- TLV493 - 3D Magnetic Hall Sensor

- Joystick - Add on component for 3D Magnetic Hall Sensor (3D Model)

all together inside a transparant box

Importat note and terms of use of the kit:

The use of the kit is strictly only for your evaluation usage.
By operating this kit, you agree to only use this kit for such evaluation.

If you do not agree to this term, do not buy this kit