Discover the world of electronics at ChipGlobe

Welcome to ChipGlobe, your reliable partner for high-quality electronics products. As a leading online store, we offer a wide range of electronics products, from components to finished devices. Our mission is to offer you the best products at competitive prices.

Our strengths:

  1. Comprehensive range: at ChipGlobe you will find everything you need for your electronics projects. From microcontrollers and sensors to cables, boxes and 3D-printed housings - we have it!
  2. Quality and reliability: We work with semiconductor suppliers in the field of sensor technology and RISK-V to ensure that our products meet international quality standards.
  3. Fast shipping: Your order arrives in Munich, is processed quickly and packaged securely to ensure you receive your electronic components as quickly as possible and for as little as €1.90. We ship from Germany and do not use drop shipping from China with long waiting times.
  4. Expert advice: Our competent team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We will help you select the right products for your projects. We operate an online expertise system at to combine the best combinations of sensors, microcontrollers and actuators and put them into operation within three minutes via Install-for-Free using a USB cable.

Our product categories:

  • Microcontrollers and development kits: discover the latest Arduino and Raspberry Pi Pico W boards and other development platforms. We are your first port of call for RISK-V architectures, especially in the C3-Mini form factor with a broad ESP32-C3 portfolio and pin-compatible shields.
  • Sensors and modules: From temperature and humidity sensors to radar-based motion sensors - we have a large selection and offer you the service of designing your sensor breakout board into our C3-Mini system for a flat rate of 25 euros.
  • Software sample code for successful commissioning: Arduino sample codes, Home Assistant YAML and much more - everything you need to get your project ideas off the ground.
  • Ready-made electronics kits, custom-fit 3D-printed housings and boxes: High-quality assembled kits and customized 3D-printed housings for your smart home IoT electronics projects.

Why ChipGlobe?

ChipGlobe is not just about selling electronic products. We are passionate about supporting your projects and providing you with the best solutions. Trust our expertise and order from ChipGlobe today!